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Begun as a ministry by women of the Methodist-Episcopal Church, Gum Moon enjoys a continuing relationship as a project of the National Division of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church.

Gum Moon Residence of Today
Gum Moon Residence Hall continues to be a safe affordable haven for single women in transition. Through the years, our clientele has changed. The women who come through these "golden doors" today are no longer young, single, Chinese females working or studying in San Francisco.

The average age of the present resident is 53 years. Many of them come from Taiwan, China, or other parts of the United States. Others are visitors from European countries and other parts of the world. Many of them hold part-time jobs while pursuing further education. The occupations of these women are diverse, ranging from chef, accountant, travel agent to author and economist. Approximately 80% of the residents are battered spouses who seek refuge from abusive lifestyles. Others are women in economic and geographical transition and need a place to call home.

Gum Moon Residence Hall provides double and single occupancy rooms and can house up to 30 women. The rooms are furnished with beds, dressers, desks, bookcases, chairs, and bedding. The facilities include a communal kitchen with refrigerators and dining area, laundry facilities, and living rooms with cable television and VCR.

But Gum Moon is more than just a place to lay your head at night. To Pegge Fields, a former resident, Gum Moon offered "all kinds of opportunities for living richly: sharing and learning, observing and assimilating from cultural backgrounds of each other, studying, working, playing together or side by side, as well as enjoying the retreat and quiet privacy of one's own room." It was "a haven, a place of respite, a place to rebel against, a place to temporarily hang up your hat."

Community Outreach- The Asian Women's Resource Center
After more than 40 years of successfully providing housing to women in need, the Board of Directors of Gum Moon Residence Hall resolved to reach out to a wider segment of the community in its provision of social and educational services. This resolution resulted in the establishment of the Asian Women's Resource Center (AWRC), a community outreach project of the Gum Moon Residence Hall. A community-wide survey was then carried out to gauge the services the AWRC would provide that would be most helpful to the disadvantaged members of the community.

When the AWRC first opened its doors on May 18, 1984, it held an Open House celebration with the theme, "Celebrating a Rich Heritage and a Bright Future for Asian Women." This theme was derived from the AWRC's mission to aid Asian women to be self-supportive, realize their full potential in employment and gain greater satisfaction out of life in the United States. The clientele identified as the most in need of assistance were the Asian women who were in geographical and social transition.



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